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  • Take Control; The Effects of Excercise on ADD/ADHD

    A vast majority of psychotherapists take an all-or-nothing position with respect to their preferred treatments for ADHD. Usually, the all portion of the equation is medication and nothing else. Even more disconcerting is the notion in some medical professional circles that one specific treatment is the only strategy for mitigating ADHD symptoms. The one-size-fits-all treatment strategy doesn’t work for the rest of our medical conditions. Why should ADHD be any different? more...

  • Don't Mistake High Energy for ADHD

    Recently a mother of two very energetic boys visited my office with her concern: 'It was recommended that boys sometimes need medication to help settle them down so they can learn properly. Don't they just need to move more?' Another parent reported: 'My son appears to be terribly bored and is not doing that well in school. He has trouble sitting in one spot for long periods of time and gets up and moves around the classroom more than the teachers like. Someone said he might have ADHD?' more..

  • A Mother's Intuition

    I had just spent another 2 hours putting my son to bed. He finally finished jumping on his bed, kicking the walls and decorating every inch of his room with hangers. This was our nightly routine. I was exhausted, stressed and at the end of the day patience was hard to find. I looked down at the bottle of medication in my hand. I couldn’t believe that I had become desperate enough to consider giving my child a schedule II narcotic. It didn’t feel right. more...

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?

    Summary: Emotional intelligence — referred to as your EQ, as opposed to your IQ — is another kind of “smarts.” EQ measures your ability to interact with your surroundings: how well you perform under pressure, how successful you are at building fruitful relationships, your courage in decision making, and how well you deal with your own issues and those of others. more...

  • Families Needed for Documentary TV Series:

    Summary: TLC is looking for families who are interested in participating in a new documentary series, PARENT COACH, working with one of America’s leading family and parenting experts to help strengthen their familial bond. more...

  • Television & A.D.H.D.:

    Summary: In an article which appeared on Parents.com website April 8, 2004, author Beth Turner cites a study that found a correlation between children under 3 years watching TV and an increased risk of developing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) later on. In fact, the study (which involved 1,350 kids and was written up in the April 2004 issue of Pediatrics by Dr. Dimitri Christakis) found that for every hour of television watched per day between the ages of one through three, the risk of ADHD is increased by almost 10 percent at age seven. more...

  • Children and Learning:

    Summary: The number one problem that children and adolescents who are struggling in school face is that they don't have effective strategies for learning the information that is being taught to them. Students need strategies for how to learn, not just what to learn. Learn the most effective strategy for academic tasks- like learning spelling words, math facts and reading comprehension - and how it can change your child’s entire experience of school and learning into a positive one. more...

  • Attention Teachers/Tutors:

  • ADD Classroom Questionnaire Project (Click here to view)

    Harcourt Assessment, Inc. would like to invite teachers/tutors to participate in the Standardization phase of the Classroom Questionnaire Project. In order to qualify for participation you must be a mainstream education teacher, special education teacher, resource room teacher, or certified tutor that works with autism or Asperger's syndrome. This pilot will require you to complete a 15-20 minute questionnaire regarding students' classroom behaviors. more...

  • The Hallowell Center: Edward Hallowell, M.D., is a leading authority on the subject of Attention Deficit Disorder and author of national best sellers Driven to Distraction and Answers to Distraction. The Center specializes in diagnosing and treating cognitive and emotional problems in both children and adults including: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Worry and Anxiety Disorders, Dyslexia, Learning Style Differences, and Depression.

  • WatchMinder: a special purpose wristwatch specifically designed as a training and reminder system for persons with attention disorders.

  • A.D.D and Success in School - Practical Advice for Surviving the End of the School Year: Educational therapist Judith Stubbs gives parents some good practical advice on surviving the end of the school year, analyzing what happens and preventing the same problems from happening next year.

  • Professional Organizers
    Is getting organized challenging for you?... Then hire a professional to help. A professional organizer can show you ways to conquer the clutter and paper deluge, provide you with time management tools, and develop a system with you for staying organized. For more information CLICK HERE.

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