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Is getting organized challenging for you?... Then hire a professional to help. A professional organizer can show you ways to conquer the clutter and paper deluge, provide you with time management tools, and develop a system with you for staying organized. With confidentiality, expertise, compassion, creativity, and a good sense of humor, professional organizers will increase your level of organization in the areas of:

  • personal time managementoffice organization (documents, files, desk, paperwork)
  • home organization (storage, room layouts, paperwork).

The professional organizers listed here specialize in assisting those with ADD. Their services and products include:

  • In-person (at your location) assistanceTeleconsultingAudio tapes, books, reading listsCoachingPublic speaking
  • Workshops

Professional Organizers DO make a difference! Contact one today and take charge. Use the Index below (organized by State) to find the organizer for you by clicking on any listing.

State Index

California CLUTTER....Be Gone
Cowan & Company Professional Organizing
Left Brain/Right Brain Office
More Than Order
Organizing Unlimited
Florida Messies Anonymous
Georgia FileHeads Professional Organizers
The Organized Executive
Maryland S.O.S. - Simple Organizing Solutions
New York Rachel Berkowitz Professional Organizer
Daralee Schulman and Associates
Wakefield & Company
Pennsylvania Anne Carroll Efficiency Systems
National Coaching Network
Texas Let's Get Organized

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