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A virtual neighborhood consolidating in ONE PLACE information and resources
relating to Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.), AD/HD and Learning Disorders (LD)

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What's New
Recent announcements and new things to look for on One A.D.D. Place.
Treasure Chest A collection of gems to enlighten, distract, amuse and bemuse you including ...
  • General Adult A.D.D. Symptom Checklist
  • Values and Lifestyles Questionnaire
  • Famous People with ADD/LD
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Are You An Adrenalin Junkie?
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Community Library Newsletters, Papers & Articles, References, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Calendar of EventsConferences, Seminars, Classes and Meetings. Use the Event Form to submit information about your own events!
Books/Tapes/ProductsBooks, tapes and other professional products for learning, managing and support
Professional ServicesProfessional ADD/LD services for learning, managing and support including Education, Professional Organizers, Seminars, Workshops and Other Live Programs
Surf's UP!Valuable information and resources on the Internet/Web including Associations, Education, Government, Information, Treatment, News Groups, Mailing Lists
General Adult A.D.D.
Symptom Checklist
Don't miss this very popular checklist by
Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

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