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Mental Health

Addiction recovery services

Addiction recovery treatment specialists offering a unique non 12 step approach to treatment of Alcohol, Drug and Gambling addiction in London & Essex UK and Marbella, Spain

ADHA Online Prescription Medication

This overseas pharmacy offers information and savings on ADHD and all popular prescription drugs.


To provide a convenient, hassle-free method for patients to find healthcare providers.

Anxiety Attacks

The Sedona Method is the fastest, easiest, most powerful self-improvement technique available today.

Audio books

Welcome to the magical world of Karadi which will take your child on an exhilerating journey of stories. Karadi will inspire, teach and touch your child's heart through our audio books.


Celexa is used to treat depression; this medicine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It can also be used in other circumstances for treatment, as if determined by your doctor

Counseling in Wichita KS

Wichita Counseling and Coaching Center offers counseling, psychotherapy and coaching by highly experienced, licensed mental health professionals.

Free depression help online overcoming anxiety and depression counseling stress

What stress offers free depression help online overcoming anxiety and depression counseling stress plus twenty free articles containing words of wisdom

Friendship House

Friendship House offers a full range of mental health treatment for both boys and girls in Northeast PA: child & family counseling, day, evening programs, autism, residential care, foster care.

Hair Drug Test, Saliva Drug Test

Easy Way to Pass any Drug Test: Hair Drug Test, Saliva Drug Test, Urin Drug Testing - Ready Clean Detox Products

Help for Depression

Depression help and resources.

Mental Illness Information

Everything you need to know about mental illness.

Monarch Learning Center

The Monarch Learning Center answers the call of parents and educators hungry for the skills and knowledge that will empower them to transform the lives of children with neurological differences.

My healing prayer

Prayer is Timeless Healing. Tuck away those special prayers in prayer boxes. Religious picture frames, crosses, angels, free healing scriptures. Give the gift of PRAYER

Personal Growth

Comprehnsive site for personal development,self help,self growth,personal growth content inluding online courses with live confernce calls,books,CD's,DVD's, Tikets, communits chat boards.

Stress relief management

The Switched-On Living program can help you and anyone you care about live up to your full energy potential and become a peak performer in every area of your life.

Trapped Minds - Mood Disorder & Depression Support

Site offers depression and mood disorder peer support and information resources.

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