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Advertise your products on the Web's most popular ADD/LD web site!


Listing Package

Home Page Package

Instructions for Subscribing


One A.D.D. Place is the most popular "virtual neighborhood" on the Internet/Web serving the ADD/LD community. It now receives over 2000 requests per day from people who are looking for information and resources to help them deal with - and make the best of - Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning disorders in their lives. The popularity and value of this web site are amply demonstrated by the hundreds of visitor comments received every month. Most of our visitors keep coming back on a regular basis. The famous Excite internet directory service has awarded One A.D.D. Place top billing on its ExciteSeeing Tourstop under the tour name "Medical Resources for Parents."

To help you reach those who may need your ADD, AD/HD & LD-related products, we are pleased to offer TWO special One A.D.D. Place Sponsor Packages:

  1. The Listing Package
  2. The Home Page Package
Listing Package

The Listing Package - now being offered for $100 - gives you a one-year listing on One A.D.D. Place, including:

  • a short description of your product(s)
  • contact information on how to reach you
  • a link to your e-mail address (if you have one)
  • a one year listing on the One A.D.D. Place Products Page
  • a direct link from your listing to your own web page (if you have one)
  • For an extra $25/year get a highlighted bolded listing at the top of the listings on a first come first served basis
You may change any of your listing information during the year for a nominal fee of $25 per update. Annual renewal for the Listing Package is $100. To see what a typical listing looks like, click on this sample.


Home Page Package

The Home Page Package - now being offered for $495 - is for those who do not yet have a web page on the Internet. It includes:

  • the entire Listing Package (above)
  • an initial consultation to discuss your web page objectives and content
  • technical support in preparing your word processor text file and graphic/image files
  • conversion of your word processor text file (describing your professional services in depth) to a web page (HTML) format, incorporating the unique and acclaimed One A.D.D. Place page design
  • your graphic logo (optional)
  • 2 photos or images (optional)
  • up to 3 links to other web sites that you designate (optional)
  • a customer/client inquiry/ordering form for those interested in purchasing - or getting more information about - your products
  • hosting (storing, managing, processing forms) your web pages for one year on a fast, reliable Internet Web Server
A $200 down payment is due prior to start of work with the balance due upon completion of your web pages. Your new web pages will be completed and launched on One A.D.D. Place within two weeks of receiving your final text copy and graphics. Annual renewal for continued listing on One A.D.D. Place and hosting of your web pages is $495. To see what a typical Home Page Package looks like, click on this sample.


Instructions for Subscribing

If you are interested in the Listing Package, please:

  1. print this page for your records
  2. E-mail us your company details along with a product description
  3. send us your full payment check for $100

Your new listing on One A.D.D. Place will be activated within 5 business days after receipt of payment.

If you are interested in the Home Page Package, please:

  1. print this page for your records
  2. E-mail us your company details along with a product description
  3. send us your down payment check for $200
  4. We will call you for your initial consultation

Please make your check payable to:

One ADD Place
800 – 5th Avenue #101-382
Seattle, WA   98104-3102

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