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Not for Women Only!
Special Issues Facing Women and Girls with ADD/ADHD
18th Annual Conference
Presented by: The Attention Deficit Disorders Association
Southern Region

February 25, 2006
Where: Sheraton North Houston
George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Houston, TX

This conference is designed for women and girls with ADD/ADHD and those who treat, live with, work with or care about them. The material will be appropriate for females with ADD/ADHD (high school age and up), counselors, coaches, tutors, diagnosticians, social workers, LPCs, LMFTs, educators, parents and other family members of girls and women with ADD/ADHD as well as others interested in this topic. CEs available.

This event will feature Patricia Quinn, M.D., author of Understanding Girls with ADHD. She will address diagnosis, treatment and hormonal issues. Additional speakers will cover breakout topics including: work and school issues, relationships, time management and organization. A limited number of scholarships are available. For information or to register visit www.adda-sr.org or call 281-897-0982

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