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Attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders have become rather prevalent in today's hectic culture and the more you know about ADD and ADHD, including recognizing symptoms and testing for learning disorders, the better prepared you are to offer support for a child or adult who is suffering from one or the other. For a long time ADD and ADHD were never diagnosed and those suffering from it were labeled as difficult and lazy. However, with research and understanding more light is being shed on these very real disorders and now parents and loved ones can find the help they need to treat children and adults who suffer from ADD and ADHD. At One ADD Place we offer a wealth of resources including information regarding tests, symptoms and treatments for attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to better educate people about these disorders and how they can find help. We encourage you to browse through our articles to find information about the history of ADD and ADHD as well as modern tests and treatments for these common learning disorders.

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