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Special thanks to Dr. Rory Stern who has reviewed the website "OneAddPlace.com" in its entirety, and endorsed the accuracy of the information presented.

BIO of Dr. Rory F. Stern - Advisor to OneAddPlace.com

Dr. Rory F. Stern is a recognized international ADD / ADHD expert who specializes in working with children and families affected by the condition. He offers a practical, no nonsense approach that considers the child and family as a whole, rather than just a set of symptoms or astatistic. Dr. Stern believes that we need to focus more on differences than deficits, and embrace our individual talents and skills as strengths rather than always focusing on what an individual is incapable of doing.

Dr. Stern earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. It was during thistraining that Dr. Stern observed firsthand the injustice and poor treatment his clients were receiving at the hands of a medical system that focused more onsymptoms and what isn't working, than on what an individual was capable of. He also became frustrated with the individual being identified as the problem while almost flat out ignoring the impact and implications of society and their immediate surrounding environment.

Today Dr. Stern focuses on publishing information and providing his readers the best resources, tools, strategies, supports, and products to help them achieve success on their terms. Although Dr. Stern has earned all the privileges and recognition with his degree, he is not and does not practice as a licensed psychologist.

Dr. Rory Stern - Official Website

A good first step is to take a test for ADD/ADHD which you can go to by clicking here.

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