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Attention Teachers and Tutors

We are looking for students ages 3 years 0 months through 11 years 11 months who are typically developing or diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, or Asperger's Syndrome (please note that all parents of students diagnosed with a clinical disorder must complete a validity questionnaire). In addition to the standardization and clinical studies we are also looking for typically developing students to participate in a test-retest study and a parent validity questionnaire study. All students should come from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic/racial backgrounds (spaces for your students will be reserved based on their age, geographic location, gender, parent education level, and ethnicity).

In exchange for the teacher's participation they will earn $10 for each student questionnaire that they complete (the test-retest study will earn a total of $20). If a parent validity is required the parent will be compensated $10 and the teacher will be compensated an additional $10. In order to receive payment all questionnaires must be received within the agreed upon time frame and with all of the completed components.

If you have referrals or if you meet the criteria and are interested in participating please contact me at katherine_coffey@Harcourt.com or by phone at 1.800.233.5686, ext. 5221. I will assist you in enrolling you or your referrals in the project.

If you are not interested in participating or do not meet the qualifications for this study please forward this information on to any of your colleagues who may be interested and meet the criteria.


Katherine A. Coffey
Harcourt Assessments, Inc.
ph.  800-233-5686 ext 5221

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