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It's Your Chemistry
Excerpt from the manuscript"It's Your Chemistry"
by Charles E. Gant, M.D., Ph.D.

The ADD/ADHD "disorder" is defined behaviorally as distractibility,restlessness, impulsiveness, "non-stick-to-it-tiveness", inattentiveness,intrusiveness, talkativeness, rebelliousness, absent-mindedness, recklessand general "pain-in-the-neckness".

Biochemically, ADD/ADHD is likely caused by a deficiency in dopamine,a natural "feel-good" brain chemical called a neurotransmitter.Some of the dopamine that brain cells make, projects to and activates thefrontal lobes. One of the most important functions of the brainís frontallobes is the integration of thoughts, feelings, sensory information andupdated feedback about current motor activity. The frontal lobes compileall this information and are instrumental in "choosing" the nexttask to attain goal completion. So it is little wonder that when dopamineactivity is compromised, thus interfering with the frontal lobes, thata person becomes unfocused and distractible.

How can we put natural dopamine back into our bodies?--First, a brieflesson in basic chemistry. Dopamine is made from tyrosine, or phenylalanine,two of the essential amino acids which are the building blocks of all life,These are converted by our enzymes (made from the DNA in our genes) intothe next natural brain chemical called L-DOPA. Folic acid, Vitamin B3 (niacin)and iron, (a mineral) are required for this enzyme to make L-DOPA fromtyrosine. Next, another enzyme, (from our DNA), converts the L-DOPA intodopamine, as long as there is enough Vitamin B6 available. L-DOPA convertsto norepinephrine, as long as Vitamin C is available. And finally norepinephrineconverts to epinephrine. Norepinephrine deficiency causes depression anddopamine deficiency causes ADD/ADHD. Both can be treated with nutrientsand amino acids, the raw materials the body uses to make these neurotransmitters,naturally.

The original dopamine deficiency can be caused by a combination of factors:exposure to environmental pollutants, nutritional deficiencies, food orairborne allergies, stress of a high paced lifestyle, gastrointestinalinjury and genetic vulnerabilities. These all combine to cause changesin brain chemistry which underlie the behavioral problems listed above.

It could be just a dietary deficiency of the necessary nutrients mentionedabove. It could be a Ďbrain allergy", such as a food allergy causingthe deficiency. Most of the time, if itís an allergy, it has somethingto do with casein (milk protein) or gluten (wheat protein). So it is wiseto eliminate these offending foods from the diet. If the allergy is dueto an airborne allergen, like pollen, then allergy shots may help.

If the allergy is due to Leaky Gut Syndrome, which allows proteins toleak into the bloodstream, causing an immune problem, that can also betested for and treated properly. Intestinal damage can be caused by toxinsin the environment and the free radical by-products created when the bodyrids itself of those toxins. The NT Factor in NSR Focus helps heal theGI tract while delivering the necessary nutrients. Antioxidants also mayhelp in this situation.

Supplementing the nutrients listed above may be enough to alleviatemany ADD/ADHD symptoms. However, if the cause is due to a complicated combinationof factors mentioned above, other companion treatments may be necessary.

These symptoms can also be quickly controlled with a very popular classof drugs called amphetamines, more commonly known as "speed or uppers".However, this treatment may be worse than the symptoms. Amphetamines areone of the most dangerous "medications" ever discovered. Theyare chemically similar to dopamine and are the synthetic replacement inthe brainís dopamine receptor sites. They can injure healthy tissue, interferewith growth and development, cause sleep problems or aggressive and depressedmoods.

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