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CH.A.D.D. Mid-Peninsula Bibliography/References List


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Audio Cassettes

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Video Tapes

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  • Adults with ADD on"Eye on America" News, with Russell Barkley, Ph.D.

Booklets & Pamphlets

  • "Problems of Attention Deficity Disorder in Adults", by Patricia C. Landi, LCSW

  • "College Students With Learning Disabilities", by LDA of America

  • "Colleges or Universities with L.D. Programs", by LDA of America (Feb. 1992)

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  • "How Significant is 'Significant'?", A Personal Glimpse of Life with a Learning Disability, by Carolee Reiling, a Stanford University Student

More Information

For more information about these references contact CH.A.D.D. Mid-Peninsula Chapter (415) 969-6233.

We thank the Chapter for this valuable contribution to One A.D.D. Place.

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