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Are You An Adrenalin Junkie???

How much does urgency control your life?

Look at the statements below and rate your behavior to see where you stand on the "Urgency Index".

Score yourself on a scale of:
Never = 0
Sometimes = 1
Often = 3
Always = 4

  1. I seem to do my best work when I'm under pressure.
  2. I often blame the rush and push of external things for my failure to spend deep introspective time with myself.
  3. I’m often frustrated by the slowness of people and things around me.  I hate to wait or stand in line.
  4. I feel guilty when I take time off from work.
  5. I always seem to be rushing between places and events.
  6. I frequently find myself pushing people away so I can finish what I’m doing.
  7. I feel anxious when I’m out of touch with the office.
  8. I’m often preoccupied with one thing when I’m doing something else.
  9. I’m at my best when I’m handling a crisis situation.
  10. I often eat lunch or other meals while I work.
  11. I keep thinking that someday I’ll be able to do what I really want.
  12. It’s difficult for me to really complete things without the pressure of a deadline.
  13. I often give up quality time with important people in my life to handle situations at work.
  14. I feel like I’ve really been productive if I’ve checked off a lot of items on me “to do” list.
  15. I get irritated when I, or others, make mistakes, or when things don’t go right or get delayed.
  16. I start thinking about what I have to do at work within a few minutes of waking up.
  17. I have a hard time slowing down and relaxing when I reach the end of the workday.
  18. When something cancels or I get unexpected free time, my first thought is what work I can fill the empty space with.
  19. I have a hard time creating sacrosanct space in my life into which work doesn’t intrude.
  20. While I’m working, I feel the pressure of all the other things I have to do that are hanging over me. 

How did you do?

(Note: this is not a scientific test; it's here for fun and to provide a little insight.)

Low Urgency Mind-Set
High Urgency Mind-Set
Urgency Addiction

Source: The Leadership Center at Washington State University. “The Urgency Index.”  3 Oct. 2003


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