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ADHD Child

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children can be a very difficult condition to diagnose because many factors may play a part in a child’s behavior. Parents and/or caregivers of an ADHD child may receive conflicting information causing them frustration, confusion and even a sense of being powerless to help their child. There is hope and help, however, because once ADHD has been properly diagnosed, it can be treated and managed. As a parent, your greatest advantage and help for your child will come from being personally informed about ADHD so that you can sort through all the information you receive and choose the best route for your child. You will become a vital component in the treatment of your child as you partner with his/her doctor, teacher, naturopath, councilor, etc., to develop a strategy to help them cope with and very possibly overcome the symptoms of ADHD.

If your child is exhibiting symptoms of ADD/ADHD, (for example: difficulty sustaining attention, forgetful, doesn’t listen, easily distracted), has demonstrated these behaviors for at least 6 months AND began displaying them before the age of 7, then it is time to contact an ADHD specialist and start formulating a plan to help. Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE…ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorder in childhood affecting up to 5% of school-agedchildren. ADHD children are full of energy, creativity, compassion and intelligence…the key is to find a way to harness the negative symptoms of ADHD and help your child express them positively!

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