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ADD & ADHD Products

Below find a valuable list of products from ADD books and ADHD videos to supplements that can help treat the symptoms and behavior caused by attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Whether for an adult with ADD or a child struggling with a learning disorder or from child ADHD, these products will help educate, and possibly prevent and cure these frustrating and often debilitating learning disfunction.

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Audio/Video Products

  • Total Focus: Multimedia ADHD Program for Parents & Kids: Based on research, this program improves behavior at home and achievement at school.

  • Alan Watts: The Art of Meditation (1994) ~ VHS, Alan Watts

  • Body Mind Exercises (1996) ~ VHS. Intended as a companion tape to "A Passion for the Possible," this program features a series of exercises designed to assist viewers in expanding awareness and intellect by improving memory and physical and psychological powers.

  • Calm Yourself With Video Aspirin (1987) ~ VHS, Barbara Rosenbaum. Contains four exercises that help in the prevention and drug- free treatment of headaches.

  • Crystal Cave (1996) ~ VHS, Deepak Chopra

  • Deepak Chopra - Body, Mind & Soul ~ VHS, Deepak Chopra. Author Deepak Chopra discusses the mind's healing power over the body.

  • How Good Do We Have To Be? A New Understanding of Guilt and Forgiveness (1997) ~ VHS, Harold Kushner

  • How to Stop the One You Love From Drinking and Using Drugs (1988) ~ VHS, Mariette Hartley

  • The Inner Art of Meditation (1996) ~ VHS, Jack Kornfield

  • Is Your Child Gifted? (1993) ~ VHS. This video teaches parents what traits to look for in their own children and offers certain techniques parents may use to help develop their children's full potential.

  • Oprah - Make the Connection (1997) ~ VHS, Oprah Winfrey. For all of us who get discouraged from time to time (and who hasn't?) America's No. 1 inspirational speaker provides real hope.

  • A Passion for the Possible (1996) ~ VHS. Noted philosopher and author Dr. Jean Houston hosts this program intended to help viewers improve their lives by locating and activating four key inner realms: the sensory or physical, the psychological, the mythical or symbolic, and the spiritual.

  • Self-Esteem in a Box (1996) ~ VHS.

  • Stress Reduction Program ~ VHS, Health Points, Dr. Art Ulene

  • Long Form ~ VHS. Tai Chi for Health, Terry Dunn. A great introduction to T'ai Chi, with historical background, warm-up, postures, and Long Form Style demonstration.

  • Short Form ~ VHS. Tai Chi for Health, Terry Dunn. Shows and teaches the 37-posture Yang style Short Form created by Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing.

  • Tai Chi Workout (1987) ~ VHS, David Carradine. Demonstrates the Chen style movements slowly and continuously, making it easy to learn all nine movements, and put them together in a continuous flow for an enjoyable and relaxing workout.

  • Way of the Wizard (1996) ~ VHS, Deepak Chopra

  • Basic Yoga ~ VHS, American Yoga Association, Alice Christensen. Easy, classical yoga instruction presented by the American Yoga Association.

  • Beginner Yoga ~ VHS, Lilias-Alive With Yoga, Lilias Folan

  • Energize With Yoga ~ VHS, Lilias, Lilias Folan

  • Intermediate Yoga ~ VHS, Lilias-Alive With Yoga, Lilias Folan


We offer a large and comprehensive selection including hundreds of books! You can browse through the book titles under the following topics of interest:


Other Products

  • NeuView Glasses: empower the person with ADD.

  • WatchMinder: a special purpose wristwatch specifically designed as a training and reminder system for persons with attention disorders.

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