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ADD & ADHD Resources

Our learning disability library will help you discover and learn what you need to know about the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, treatment of these learning disabilities, dietary regimens which may help curb the behavior and symptoms, and many other interesting and important facts and insights which can provide valuable steps to a healthy change in both children and adults afflicted with attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity disorder.

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About This Library

Here are some articles, papers and other references with helpful information about ADD and learning disabilities/disorders. We also have an extensive listing of books and tapes in our Book Store section. To go to the Book Store, click HERE.

We're always looking for new items to increase the value of this library to the community. Click HERE to suggest items you'd like added.

Articles, Papers & References



Diagnosis & Treatment


Learning Disabilities

  • Learning Disabilities - National Institute of Mental Health Decade of the Brain NIH, Publication No. 93-3611, September 1993

  • Learning Disabilities - Imagine having important needs and ideas to communicate, but being unable to express them.

  • Regarding Learning Disorders - Information for Parents


General & Other

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions from the Net - Written, compiled and Copyrighted 1993 by Frank Kannemann.

  • Frequently Asked Legal Questions about Attention Deficit Disorder - some questions commonly asked by parents when investigating the possibility of retaining an attorney when it appears that a child is not receiving appropriate special education services.


  • The ADD/ADHD Online Newsletter - A Publication for helping children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

  • MIND MATTERS - The Newsletter of Information and Opinion About Psychology and the Brain, by Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Driven To Distraction.

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