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Attention Deficit Disorder/ADD Sub-Type Test Questionnaire

Please rate yourself (or the person you are evaluating) on each of the symptoms listed below using the scale provided. If possible, also have someone else rate you or the other person (such as a spouse, lover or parent). This is done to obtain a more complete picture of the situation. We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Amen for this valuable contribution to One ADD Place.


2 Difficulty sustaining attention span for most tasks in play, school, or work
3 Trouble listening when others are talking
4 Difficulty following through (procrastination) on tasks or instructions
5 Difficulty keeping an organized area (room, desk, book bag, filing cabinet, locker, etc.)
6 Has trouble with time (for example, frequently late or hurried, tasks take longer than expected, projects or homework are “last minute” or turned in late)
8 Makes careless mistakes, poor attention to detail
11 Complains of being bored
12 Appears apathetic or unmotivated
13 Tired, sluggish, or slow moving
14 Spacey or seems preoccupied
15 Restless or hyperactive
17 Fidgety, constant motion (hands, feet, body)
18 Noisy, hard time being quiet
19 Acts as if “driven by a motor”
21 Impulsive (doesn’t think through comments or actions before they are said or done)
22 Has difficulty awaiting turn
23 Interrupts or intrudes on others (e.g., butts into conversations or games)
24 Excessive or senseless worrying
26 Oppositional, argumentative
27 Strong tendency to get locked into negative thoughts, having the same thought over and over
28 Tendency toward compulsive behavior
29 Intense dislike for change
30 Tendency to hold grudges
31 Trouble shifting attention from subject to subject
32 Difficulties seeing options in situations
33 Tendency to hold onto own opinion and not listen to others
34 Tendency to get locked into a course of action, whether or not it is good for the person
35 Needing to have things done a certain way or becomes very upset
36 Others complain you worry too much
37 Periods of quick temper of rages with little provocation
38 Misinterprets comments as negative when they are not
39 Irritability tends to build, then explodes, then recedes, often tired after a rage
40 Periods of spaciness or confusion
41 Periods of panic and/or fear for no specific reason
42 Visual changes, such as seeing shadows or objects changing shape
43 Frequent periods of de ja vu (feelings of being somewhere before even though you never have)
44 Sensitivity or mild paranoia
45 Headaches or abdominal pain of uncertain origin
46 History of a head injury or family history of violence or explosiveness
47 Dark thoughts, may involve suicidal or homicidal thoughts
48 Periods of forgetfulness or memory problems
49 Short fuse or periods of extreme irritability
54 Tendency to be socially isolated
55 Frequent feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or excessive guilt
56 Lowered interest in things that are usually considered fun
57 Sleep changes (too much or too little)
60 Sensitive to noise, light, clothes or touch
61 Frequent or cyclic mood changes (highs and lows)
62 Inflexible, rigid in thinking
63 Demands to have your way, even when told no multiple times
64 Periods of mean, nasty or insensitive behavior
65 Periods of increased talkativeness
66 Periods of increased impulsivity
68 Grandiose or “larger than life” thinking
70 Appears that thoughts go fast
71 Appears anxious or fearful
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