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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) And Workplace Success

Written by: Dan Miller – 48Days.com
 As we all know, educational psychologists have exploded the 'learning disorder' called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in the last few years.  Is this really a new disorder, or have we simply attempted to mold children and adults into artificially structured environments?  

Here are the common symptoms of ADD: 'Distractible -- short attention span; but capable of intense focus for long periods -- poor planner; disorganized and impulsive -- may have reading difficulty -- has difficulty following directions -- daydreams -- lacks social graces.'

Now here are the psychological and behavioral characteristics of the hunter*:  'Able to throw himself into the chase at a moment's notice -- tireless; capable of sustained drives, but only when hot on the trail of some goal -- visual thinker, clearly seeing a goal even if there are not words for it -- independent --bored by mundane tasks; enjoys new ideas, excitement -- willing and able to take risks, face danger.'

We are in a culture that does not embrace hunter characteristics in children.  They are told to sit down, be quiet and follow the rules.  We provide junk food, TV and video games instead of the physical release that all hunters knew.  If you are a 'hunter' with hunter children, how does it make you feel to know that over 10 million children today are being medicated with Ritalin and other drugs designed to convert them from hunters to corporate zombies?

Many successful entrepreneurs that I work with have been 'diagnosed' with ADD.  I usually laugh and look for the creative abilities these people possess.  I wonder how many drug addicts, criminals and other 'failures' were really 'hunters' who were unable to cope in a world ruled by zombies?  There but for the grace of God go I --- and a lot of you.

For further reading:
*'Attention Deficit Disorder:  A Different Perspective,' Thomas Hartmann
'Adult ADD,' Thomas A. Whitman, Michele Novotni
'Driven To Distraction,' Edward M. Hallowell
'Answers To Distraction,' Edward M. Hallowell

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